I have always dreamed of using my creative talents in some way, shape or form – whether it be drawing, crafting or creating Native American-inspired dreamcatchers and artwork. I’ve decided to begin the process of opening up my own creative design studio, one colored pencil at a time 😉 So bear with me, this website is new and will be going through some changes in the near future!



I once had a stunningly beautiful and sweet greyhound named Blueberry, who was my absolute heart dog. I loved her with my whole soul…we had such a powerful connection. She was and continues to be my inspiration.


I received my BA at Monmouth College, in Monmouth, IL.  By double majoring in International Business / Economics and minoring in art, I quickly got a thirst for knowledge, travel, and creative design.  After studying Economics in Paris, my passion for business also grew.  My language experience includes French and Spanish and recent studies in French. I have also completed two certifications from the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg in Digital Graphic Design and Image Manipulation & Design.


Currently, I am the Vice President of Operations for Eruptr, an agency specializing in digital healthcare marketing. I also have experience in graphic design and am technically fluent in Adobe Creative Suites, WordPress, Google Adwords, Bing & Facebook. In addition, I am also studying French and Spanish. For more on my professional skills, please visit my LinkedIn page.


This website is still a bit under construction, but I'm working on building it up one piece at a time.