Hello, World. Literally.

So it's been oh, a couple of years now in the making - and finally I have a website, an instagram account, an Etsy shop (that's actually open) - and hopefully all of the necessary paperwork that the state of Illinois deems necessary to sell something without getting dinged come tax time. Although it's been a bit of a hodgepodge of start/stop in putting this "dream" together, it's actually coming together, and I have to laugh. They say "better late than never" and well, that is certainly true.

Quite a lot of boxes you have to check to get set up with the state / Etsy / taxes / shipping / registering as a "legit" business - the list goes on. I could have probably flown under the radar, but truly that's not my style and the last thing I'd want to do is backpedal after this thing (whatever it is) takes momentum. It's been quite interesting though and I have actually enjoyed learning about what is required to legitimately set yourself up. Though I am by no means an expert.

The whole process has at times been daunting, and so I've lately approached it in a different manner - by breaking it down into very, very small attainable pieces in order to not let it become overwhelming - especially after a long day working.

And guess what? It's worked. I've moved forward. Weekend by weekend, small task by small task. Most of my boxes are now checked off and I am ready to take the next step - the FUN step. Of actually going out on a limb and posting my artwork, selling it, promoting it and seeing what happens. And actually having fun with it all.

So far the encouragement from friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances has been overwhelmingly supportive, encouraging and motivating. I am just blown away that so many people have shared their enjoyment of my art. It's something I do to meditate and be in a peaceful space and am honored that it brings joy to others.  

Stay tuned for more launch updates as my Etsy shop goes live and my Instagram / website get resuscitated over the next few weeks.

So hello world. I'm excited to be here and share my art. Hopefully it can bring as much joy to others as I had in creating it. 🙂

I am dedicating the launch of all of this to my sweet greyhound Porsche; who we lost exactly four years ago. I will never forget her - my first greyhound who sparked my love for this breed and their gentle souls.