The Peonies Are Here

They're. Finally. Here.

I’ve been waiting ALL YEAR for my peonies to bloom. Three years ago, I planted lots of baby peony plants with the slightly wistful truth that there wouldn't really be any blooms for a couple of years. Well, three years later and they've now matured into robust, healthy plants!

So now it's time to enjoy them before they're gone. I'm trying not to over cut the blooms and just take a few from each plant. When I planted these, I created a whole garden to the Peonies... At first it looked quite silly as the little plats were so small - but now they've grown and it's quite beautiful! I'm so excited to see what the future years will bring as these plants continue to mature and fill out.

Meanwhile, I'll be taking lots of pictures like this one to get me through those dreary winter months!


A beautiful variety of Peonies in my cute Farm tote from Midtown Home + Market. Shown on my Replica Surfaces background in Concrete.